Historical European Material Arts


 Irish School of Historical Combat ​is a community based club dedicated to the teaching and training of medieval combat skills from historical fight manuals or 'Fechtbuchs' dating back as early as the 13th century.


I.S.H.C. is dedicated to the teaching, training and promotion of historical combat in all it's forms and is a full contact sparring and fencing club.​​
The school is open to anyone interested in the sword or learning historical combat skills, reguardless of gender, class or race. There is no discrimination and diversity is welcome within it's ranks, for it is the spice of life and should always be encouraged.
Any form of discrimination or abuse of trust will result in disciplinary action, which in it's self should be a last resort. As the school encourages the belief in:

"True discipline is self discipline, true mastery is self mastery".

 Anything else is an illusion. This is the reason no-one within I.S.H.C. Will ever be called or will be expected to call anyone 'Master'. As we are all equal under the sword. This also means apart from 'instructor' there is no grading system. Your hard work and training should be it's own reward and all that that brings you.
​​The title of I.S.H.C. Instructor is not easly given and must be earnt, for it's not a postion of admiration and influence but of trust and responsibility. Candidates are chosen amongst the schools members by the existing  instructor(s) who recommends they are put forward for examination. If the candidate is successful, then they are expected to honour their obligation, for the title is a burden, they take on the well being and financial pressures of the school and put all it's members before themselves. They are a teacher, a guide and an ambassador for the school , it's members and HEMA in general. They must encourage and maintain a sense of unity and at all times endorse the 3 vitals which I.S.H.C. stands for:​​


Whose members should treat as standards in which to train and live by......
I.S.H.C. was a one of the founding members of this  federation which has brought HEMA enthusiasts in Ireland together through social media, events and tournaments. To access their website, go to: