Historical European Material Arts

 Irish School of Historical Combat

We are a H.E.M.A and re-enactment group based in the west of Ireland teaching medieval and renaissance combat skills and self defense.
Our mission is to bring these forgotten skills to the masses either through classes, demonstrations or workshops.


​What is H.E.M.A?

 Historical European Martial Arts. The fighting skills of the Western world. As diverse as it's Eastern counterparts, with many  styles of armed and unarmed combat. With the help of historical records and  fight manuals HEMA clubs can study and reproduce these ancient  art forms.
I.S.H.C  was foundered in 2012 by  Adam Duggan, a renowned  swordsman and martial artist.
The community based organization specializes in bladed weapons and has clubs, sparring groups and events across Connacht and Munster.
we fight, we sweat, we win.
We're always happy to hear from you, if you have any enquiries about courses at our club venues or a workshop near you please email at: